Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Developing Your Shape to Serve

For the next six weeks Lighthouse Community Church will be working through the small group study: Developing Your Shape to Serve from the folks at Doing Life Together (http://www.lifetogether.com/leader/SmallGroupCurriculum/tabid/598/Default.aspx). As has become our habit, each Sunday morning sermon will be tied to the small group lesson that week.

On Sunday, Feb 22 we looked at the reality that God has made each of us unique. He has gifted and "SHAPED" each of us so that we may be a part of extending his kingdom through the church. There is not a single believer who has "nothing to offer" by way of time, talents, or treasure. We also said that God uses the Holy Spirit to develop a servant's heart within us. Part of that development happens as we respond to those God has placed within the church to equip us (Eph 4:11-13).

Over the course of the next few weeks we are going to examine:
Spiritual Gifts: what are they? do you have one?
Personality: how does your personality "fit" with kingdom service?
Experiences: if God never wastes a hurt in our life, does that give new meaning and purpose to the hurts we have experienced in the past?
Heart: what is your passion? what has God put in your heart to do for the sake of his kingdom?

Now...back to the first study...The test I suggested for how well we are doing at developing a servant's heart is this: to what degree are you giving yourself away for others?

For discussion, let me ask...is this a fair test? Is it conclusive? What are it's limitations?


tall pockets said...

The test is fair,for if you claim to be a Christ follower and put no action to your words,then you have put Christ only in your mind and not in our heart.
Is it conclusive? Once again,where is Christ in your life.Is He "boxed up" in a safe place in your mind until next Sunday, or can others see Him by your workmanship. YOUR actions could make YOUR test conclusive.
Our limitations are what can be and sometimes are seen in the form of time, money or fear,yet those are our limitations, not His.

Anonymous said...


I knew I should've wrote it down, but I didn't! Can you please tell me the title and author of the book you referenced in yesterday's service (Apr 15th). It was the book that you read in seminary. You can email me at flossem2@hotmail.com


Pastor Rob Pochek said...

Thanks for the comment Tall Pockets...I think James said something about putting words in action, eh? That is what service is all about...too many of us have learned far more than we apply...

The book I referenced on March 15 is called: Understanding How Others Misunderstand You...by Ken Vogues and Ron Brand...you can check it out at: http://www.christianbook.com/Christian/Books/product?item_no=1106X&netp_id=101350&event=ESRCN&item_code=WW&view=covers.

Thanks for the input...