Thursday, April 16, 2009

Game Over!

Most of us - at least in my generation - still played board games during our childhood. I remember a number of them: Chutes and Ladders (when I was REALLY young), Chess, Checkers, Clue...but the favorite in my parent's household was Monopoly...That was the one place that a blue collar meatcutter like my father could feel like a titan of industry...and, he did! He was relentless. He knew which properties were junk (i.e. Mediterranean or Baltic Avenue) and which ones were really valuable (i.e. Boardwalk, Park Place, etc). And, he was fierce when it came to demanding rent.

Now, in my household we don't do much with Monopoly...we prefer to play the Andy Griffith Trivia game or Seinfeld Scene It...but, regardless of the game, here is the truth - no matter how much money my father accumulated...when the game was over, it all went back in the box. And, no matter how often I show off my knowledge of Andy Griffith trivia (i.e. knowing who played unlucky peddler Newton Monroe...), when the game is over, it all goes back in the box!

On Easter Sunday we began a new series entitled, GAME OVER!. The series is based on John Ortberg's book and small group study, When the Game is Over, It all Goes Back in the Box...In fact, all of our small groups will be using Ortberg's study guide during their time together. The focus of this series will be learning to live in light of eternity. We will be asking questions...hard questions, like: What are you living for? By what do you measure success? Are you living for comfort or for your calling?

Resources we will be using can be found here:

I hope that when the game is over for each of us, we have lived a life that is rich toward God and accumulated "wealth" in heaven, rather than gone after a bunch of stuff that will just go...back in the box!

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