Monday, February 15, 2010

An Open Letter to PTI...

On the February 15, 2010 episode of Pardon the Interruption, Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon had a brief discussion around the question: Can the NFL learn anything from the NBA for it's halftime show? I have to admit that:

1. I did NOT see the NBA halftime show, other than the video of Shakira and Alicia Keys shown on PTI. Frankly, that was enough to prove to me that I would have channel surfed had I been tuned in...

2. I DID see the NFL halftime show...and love classic rockers...

Of utmost concern to me was the assumption by Wilbon and Kornheiser that the NBA had something to teach the NFL...specifically because the NBA paraded half naked women, dancing suggestively in front of the camera, while the NFL halftime show featured 60 year old rockers.

I decided to send an email to PTI...but, because they will likely ignore my sentiments, I decided to use the "new media" and post my email as an open letter in my blog...

"I was so disappointed in your discussion comparing the NBA and NFL halftime shows. Perhaps those of you 'in the big city' have a different set of values than the rest of us...or, maybe those of
you in the media do. Either way, showing half-naked women, dancing suggestively is not entertainment for those of us who do NOT frequent strip clubs.

Quite frankly, I could not be more happy that the 'wardrobe malfunction' happened. Not because it exposed Janet Jackson's bare right breast, but it exposed an entire culture/sub-culture that is bankrupt of even the facade of decent moral values. Can we do anything at all in the realm of 'entertainment' without it becoming 'sexertainment'?

As for me...I'll take a bunch of old classic rockers over the sexploitation of women anyday. Can the NFL learn anything? Yes...keep doing what you are doing...or, I'll go back to turning
OFF the halftime show!"

Rob Pochek
Husband, Father, NBA/NFL/Nascar/MLB/NCAA FAN!


Bill said...

Well said.

linuxheels said...

I am with you Rob, I just don't want the NFL to put the Rolling Stones in tube tops and mini skirts with red pumps