Monday, May 17, 2010

Jesus: The Real MythBuster

What does life look like in the Kingdom of Heaven? What does Jesus expect of His followers? What should life look like in the church?

The seven part MythBuster series will examine Jesus’ answer to those qustions as we Matthew 5:20-48. In that section of the Sermon on the Mount, we will look at the six times Jesus said "You have heard it said...but I say unto you." In so doing, he is NOT overturning the OT...rather, he is correcting the erroneous interpretation of the OT by the scribes and Pharisees. In other words, he is Busting Myths perpetrated by the religous leaders of His day.

Unfortunately, there are many of these myths are still perpetrated in the kingdom of God and in the church. So, it is incumbent upon us to BUST these myths with the Truth of God'sWord.

During this series, we will examine the following seven myths:
5/2 – Actions are more important than my attitudes.
5/9 – Worship is not affected by broken relationships.
5/16 – It’s ok to “look,” as long as I don’t “touch.”
5/23 - Marriages are not meant to be permanent.
6/6 – A lie is just not that big a deal.
6/13 – Getting even is alright if you were really hurt.
6/20- There are some people I just can’t love.

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