Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ReDiscovering Church & Back to Church Sunday

We'll be rolling out a new Sermon Series on August 1 entitled ReDiscovering Church. This series has several purposes.

First, we want to help equip every member and regular attender at Raleigh Road to give an answer to those who have stopped attending church. Not just stopped attending RRBC...but ANY church.

Second, we want to provide a biblical, well thought out response to those who have stopped attending by addressing several of the most commonly heard reasons people stop attending:
- I don't need the church to connect with God (8/8)
- The church just wants my money (8/15)
- I don't need the church to be a good person (8/22)
- I won't be accepted at church (8/29)

The series will also feature messages addressing:
- Why people leave churches (including why they left Jesus' ministry!) - (8/1)
- How will we receive people who have been out of church awhile? (9/5)
- What commitments do we expect people to make at RRBC (9/12)

The series will include BACK TO CHURCH SUNDAY, Septmeber 12. We have several resources that will be available on August 1 to help you invite people to worship on Sept 12.
- Invest and Invite Card - This credit card sized reminder will keep the names of those you are investing in and inviting in front of you; not just to Back to Church Sunday, but throughout the whole year. Who's in YOUR Wallet?
- Back to Church Sunday Invite Card - this business-card sized card will be useful for handing out to people as you invite them to worship on September 12.

On Sunday, September 12, the message will center on the commitments we ask people to make at Raleigh Road Baptist Church. They can be summed up like this:
- Worship - Be in worship and invite and unchurched friend at least once a month
- Grow - Get into ONE discipleship class (Sunday AM, Wed PM, or Tues/Fri Precept)
- Serve - Find at least ONE area in which you can regularly and faithfully serve

Worship. Grow. Serve. That is what we are about at can also think of it as Live. Learn. Love. It is in knowing and worshipping God that we find the strength to LIVE. It is in growing spiritually that we LEARN to honor Christ in all. It is in serving others than we LOVE our neighbor as ourself!

Please be in prayer for the ReDiscover Church series and Back to Church Sunday. The best is yet to come!


Toni C. said...

It sounds like an exciting series! Looking forward to listening, learning and living it... God bless you el Pastor!

A Mother Remembered said...

Today was awesome. I was so encouraged by the verses you shared and I think you are right about what they mean to RRBC. I am very excited/intimidated to be part of the small crowd God is going to use to make his vision come to pass. God is definitely working and it is beautiful to see.

Pastor Rob Pochek said...

thanks Toni...I'm hoping for good things...

A Mother Remembered - Thanks for the encouragement. I'm glad you are along for the ride! Woo Hoo!