Friday, March 20, 2015

Facebook, Email and What We are Having for Wednesday Night Supper

As I prepare for my good friend Pastor Greg Carr's departure to serve in Missouri, I thought it might be a good idea to re-post a few of my own personal Email, Facebook, and TEXT guidelines, I say it is connected to Pastor Greg's departure because, with one of our pastors moving, it is clear there will be a greater demand on myself, Pastor Joe and Bill. While I do not speak for them, the following "guidelines" are ones that I will follow and find it important to make sure I share them to avoid any hard feelings. Speaking of hard feelings....These guidelines are not intended for or directed to anyone in particular, just a quick public posting for clarity about my social media engagement:

1. I SELDOM forward anything...EVER...even if it is a really touching story, changed your life, could change my life...etc, etc, etc...This applies to emails and to Facebook stories, even the ones that tell me that I really should forward the story "if you really love God" or some other such thing. I generally do not participate in the ongoing Facebook ritual of "use one word to describe me" or "I want to see who is paying attention to my status update" posts. And I NEVER respond to mafia requests, farmville help. glitz, bling, or quizzes...And, I NEVER,NEVER, NEVER "send gifts", "hugs", etc on Facebook. ;-)

2. I ALWAYS verify stories emailed to me or posted on Facebook at ...if you send me one that proves to be false (i.e. threat to religious broadcasting, Pres Obama's muslim allegiances, stories about the troops, etc), I MAY send you (and everyone else who received the original email) a note that says something like: "God is a God of Truth...and he calls us to be people of truth. Spreading falsehoods does not advance God's kingdom. Please verify stories like this before forwarding."

On Facebook, if you post a story because you saw it on someone elses wall and thought you just "had" to share SURE it is TRUE...current stories circulating on Facebook that are false include: Diamond Rio's song not being permitted on radio stations (FALSE), Facebook is going to charge to use their site (FALSE), _____ Restaraunt is giving away $500 in gift cards for just signing up as a "fan" of their FB page (FALSE)...and the hits just keep coming!

3. On Facebook, I update my status regularly (often via Twitter)...but, I will not be able to respond to every comment or message. The truth is, I am not "on Facebook" as much as it appears. I have learned a few tricks to allow me to post quickly and get offline. Also, be aware that I do NOT use Facebook Messenger, so a message send to me via Facebook may or may not be seen quickly.

4. Finally, when it comes to CHURCH MATTERS it is almost ALWAYS best to contact the CHURCH OFFICE for information. Raleigh Road is a fairly large church with a number of ministries happening. And, to be honest, I do not have the details on all of the events / ministries going on. For questions about volunteering to serve, what we are having for Wed Night Supper, is someone at the building to let you in, when a class begins, etc, it is best to contact the church office by phone or email. Our phone is 252-243-0383. Someone is in the office from 8 AM - 5 PM Monday - Thursday every week (barring another Snowpacolypse!).

To help direct your call, remember that Jason handles bulletin, announcement and general information, Tommy handles building and building rental requests, Jean handles financial matters, and Lynette schedules Pastor Joe and my appointments. I have time each week set aside for personal appointments, so don't hesitate to contact Lynette to set up a time to meet. I do not schedule my own appointments because I have "double-booked" myself on more than one occasion!

So, if I respond to your Facebook message, email or text by pointing you to the appropriate person to contact, please do not be offended. It is more vital than ever that Pastor Joe, Bill and myself focus on the ministry God has called us to and avoid getting mired in details that are ably handled by others in our office.

I trust that all makes sense and will help give you an explanation for why I handle social media, email and text messages the way I do.

Looking forward to a bright future together!

Dr. Rob Pochek
Senior Pastor
Raleigh Road Baptist Church

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