Monday, February 29, 2016

Pochek Family Update

Church Family and Friends,
Last week we shared that we would be at First Baptist Church of Charlottesville on Park Street ( preaching in view of a call on Sunday, February 28. (Well, technically, I was preaching in view of a call, but we had the whole Pochek crew with us!)

As you likely know by now, the church voted overwhelmingly to call us - 396 yes to 11 no - 97.3% according to the math gurus. Our prayer during this process has been that God would make this ministry call unmistakable. We wanted that for our peace of mind, for the peace of mind of our dear church family at Raleigh Road, for the peace of mind of the leadership and staff at FBC Park Street, and for anyone else connected to this process. God spoke clearly and unmistakably through his people yesterday. For that, we are thankful.

We also know that times like these leave a lot of questions. So, I want to take just a quick minute to address a few of them:

1. Is something wrong at RRBC that is causing you to leave?
NO. Emphatically, NO! God is doing a great work in our midst. Sometimes he calls a servant to a place and a people for a season and then moves them to another place to make room for what he has "next" for everyone. RRBC is a great church with a great future and, in many ways, I envy the next pastor. :-)

2. How long will you be at RRBC (in Wilson)?
Well....we don't know exactly. There are many details to work through with our Overseers and with the leadership at FBC Park Street before I can give you definite dates. Having said that, our plan is to be in Wilson and leading RRBC through at least the end of March. We have much to consider - selling our house (know anyone looking for a great house?), getting a place in Charlottesville lined up, etc. We'll keep you updated as we know more.

3. What will happen at RRBC?
The church will continue! This church has never been about one person - whether that was Pastor Eddy or myself (the only two lead Pastors we've had!), or any other staff member or member. In the near term, the Overseers will be working to line up an Interim Pastor who will handle preaching duties on a regular basis. The Overseers are committed to making sure the pulpit ministry at RRBC remains strong, biblical, and winsome. In addition, our By-Laws lay out the plan for developing a Pastor Search Committee to locate and extend a call to the next Senior Pastor.

Thanks for taking the time to pray for us and for all of your kindness. As we transition to Charlottesville, we will be leaving behind a piece of our hearts in Wilson (as well as our son Dave!). We've had deeper friendships here than anywhere we've ever been. In addition, the people at RRBC have made me a far better pastor than what I was when I arrived. You have sharpened me, strengthened me, and shaped me in unbelievable ways. I am humbled, thankful and honored to have served with you these nearly seven years.

Until I have more to share....

Pastor Rob

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