Tuesday, December 30, 2008

LCC Year in Review

The end of the year is the time I review our 12 month attendance at Lighthouse Community Church. It is important to measure how well we are doing at achieving our goal(s). One of those measures is how well we are doing at reaching more people each year. If our mission is to "help people discover the joy of a life committed to Jesus Christ" and we choose to do that by creating opportunities for people to: praise God in worship, grow in Christ in small groups, and serve others in the power of the Holy Spirit - then we have to keep track of how well we are doing at helping people reach those "bases."

Church attendance reporting is one way we measure how well we are doing at helping people to "praise God in worship." Sometimes church attendance reporting can be confusing because our denomination keeps records Sept 1-Aug 31...and those are usually the numbers I am working with at our Annual Meeting. However, I prefer a Jan-Dec calendar year for budget and attendance review.

I think you will see much to praise God for.

Below are the quarterly averages, and a 12 month average.

2008 Report:
Avg Att 2008 Q1 (Jan-Mar): 169
Avg Att 2008 Q2 (Apr-Jun): 155
Avg Att 2008 Q3 (Jul-Sep): 155
Avg Att 2008 Q4 (Oct-Dec): 166
2008 TOTAL AVERAGE ATT: 161.25

2007 Report:
Avg Att 2007 Q1 (Jan-Mar): 120.5
Avg Att 2007 Q2 (Apr-Jun): 118.8
Avg Att 2007 Q3 (Jul-Sep): 116.5
Avg Att 2007 Q4 (Oct-Dec): 126.3

WHAT A BLESSING! Our second service effort has definitely been a benefit and a blessing. An increase of over 40 people per week in worship! Anytime you can have more than one hook in the water at once, you increase your chances of catching fish! In fact, this is why many churches will continue a second service, even after adding space or building a new building.

Of the 40 additional people each week, approximately 12 are children, and about 28 are adults. So, our effort to reach families for Christ is meeting with success.

For a little historical perspective, consider the following 12 month reports. 2003 was the first year I have a record of on my computer...the following are 12 month (Jan-Dec) average attendance reports:

2003 - 85
2004 - 100.7
2005 - 107
2006 - 115.2
2007 - 120.5
2008 - 161

How amazing is that!?! God is good...all the time!
I look foward to see what God has in store for 2009...I know it will be a year of faith as we trust in God alone to lead, guide, and provide for us.

Pastor Rob

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