Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Calling or Comfort?

This Sunday at LCC, we will be examining what the story of Daniel in the Bible as we think about our disposition toward our circumstances. Daniel (and his friends) had much to complain about. They were carried into a foreign land as prisoners, they were put on a restricted diet of foreign foods, re-educated in the history and philosophy of their captor's country. They were even renamed - had their very identities taken from them. The question we want to think about is: What attitude should we take when it seems like all of life is stacked against us? Should we simply recoil into a shell? There is the very real danger of becoming "paralyzed" by the circumstances of life that are beyond our control. We can begin to adopt an "it doesn't matter" attitude toward what we do, believing that nothing will change. But, God has made us for more than that kind of attitude.

Now, Sunday is also Mother's Day. Could there be a much better day to examine such a question? Godly moms know the challenge of having to put their plans on hold for the benefit of their children. Godly moms can make that sacrifice knowing that motherhood is a calling from God. When God calls us to serve him he rarely calls us to a life of ease and comfort. Rather, he calls us to a life of great sacrifice and, often, suffering - but he gives joy in the midst of it. Sacrifice, suffering, AND joy? Yes. That is the biblical picture of a great and high calling. Sacrifice and suffering are involved because God calls us out of our comfort zones into a life of radial commitment to Him. That commitment means that we put ALL on the table and offer it to Him to use as He wills. Another way to think about it is this: the way of the cross is not found along the path of least resistance! As a general rule, if it is the easy choice; if it is the choice the is most pleasing to self; if it is the choice that requires the least amount of sacrifice - it is probably not the choice God would have us make. (Perhaps I should reveal the significant amount of Steve Camp music I listened to as a young Christian -!)

Is God calling you to take a risk for him?
Has God been calling you out of your comfort zone for the sake of his kingdom?
Have I said to much here...what kind of "but's" are you thinking of?


Anonymous said...

This message about Daniel is awesome, and timely, It hits home for me, in a few ways, and gives me another way to look at things going on in my life. I guess this is a huge sign to me that the spirit is moving in big ways. This may not make sense to you now but it will one day.

God bless and keep you. I will be praying Colossians 1:9-15(ish) for you and my wife and my self.


Pastor Rob Pochek said...

Thanks for the kind words. That was a hard message to preach...especially when we have "options" in front of us...what is God calling us to? Sometimes God makes it crystal clear...other times we have to make the best decision we can, with the information we have, and trust that God has it under control!