Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pochek's Accept Call to NC

On Sunday, May 17, 2009, the people of God at Raleigh Road Baptist Church ( extended a call to me to serve as Senior Pastor. The story of how we came into contact with each other and what led us to accept the call is long...but I will give the "Reader's Digest" condensed version.

In early 2008, I began to experience an uncomfortable amount of conviction about whether I was truly using the gifts and abilities God has invested in me to their fullest capacity. In part this conviction was spurred along from a morning devotional reading of the parable of the talents (Mt 25). I began to pray through whether God wanted me to lead Lighthouse to another level, or whether He might desire to call us away to another place of service. About six to eight months or so into the process of wrestling through this, God seemed to make it clear that He would be moving us at some point. We did not know when or where...but were pretty sure that it was to happen. Yet, nothing transpired. So, we waited, continued to serve faithfully at Lighthouse, and to pray.

When a year passed (Jan 2009), and we remained in Nashville, I started to question whether I had heard God clearly or not. I met with several trusted friends to seek their advice. One of the most poignant meetings was with Pastor Fred Winters of FBC Maryville. Fred and I had lunch at a little Mexican restaurant just down from the church he served. Over that lunch Fred confirmed that, in his opinion, it was time for me to consider a move to more fully realize the potential that God had put in me.

Shortly after that meeting, we were contacted by several churches, each indicating that I was in their final group of candidates. All of the churches we had contact with during this stretch were represented by wonderful groups of people who sought to discern the Lord's will, just as we were seeking to do. Ultimately, we respectfully withdrew from a number of those searches, not sensing the Lord's leading to continue forward. Again, all of those churches are doing great things and we enjoyed meeting teams from each one of them.

In late April, we were contacted by the search team chair at Raleigh Road Baptist Church indicating that God had led their team to me as their primary candidate. You can read some of their testimonies at their website: A visit was set up for Susy and I May 1-3. We made that visit and both we and the search team felt led to continue forward. We were then invited to visit the church in view of a call May 15-17. Susy and I prayed and asked the Lord for a clear confirmation that we were to accept the call, if it were extended and it was His will. He more than spoke as the church overwhelmingly (97.5% affirative) extended a call to us.

I would be remiss if I did not say how difficult this process has been. We have been in Nashville for 12 years and have many dear friends here. We have, literally, watched children grow up before our eyes...indeed, I'll be performing a wedding ceremony next week for a young man who was in grade school when we first got here! As we have become fond of saying: God seldom calls us to the path of least resistance! Yet, we have great excitement over what is ahead for us and for Raleigh Road Baptist Church. Please keep us, RRBC and Lighthouse Church in your prayers. We are all about to enter a phase in which our comfort zones are stretched significantly: us as we adjust to a new church and area; RRBC as they adjust to a new pastor and his eccentricities; and Lighthouse as they begin a time of transition. I am confident, however, that out of our comfort zones is exactly where God wants us!


Donna Thorne said...

Welcome, Pochek family. Our prayers are with yaou and the Lighthouse Church. Look out, Wilson!

Donna Thorne said...

i meant "you".

Anonymous said...

Welcome to RRBC! Lighthouse will be in good hands with your foundational work in place.
Can't wait for the new chapter to begin in Wilson!!

Please hurry.

Aaron Ginn said...


Good luck in your new pastorate. I know God has big things in store for you and RRBC.